About us

6DWarehouse is an innovative company specializing in digital cities and building digital twin technology. We are dedicated to providing digital, visual, and intelligent model database construction, offering high-quality visual solutions for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, and providing technical and data support for the future development of intelligent human cities.

Our main products are intelligent model libraries and AI model generation plugins for Rhino&grasshopper, focusing on architecture, landscape, transportation, and other models. We aim to provide intelligent and efficient modeling solutions for urban design, architectural design, transportation design, landscape design, and film/game environment scenes. Our AI model library utilizes state-of-the-art modeling techniques and production processes, offering users a rich collection of modeling resources, along with the convenience and integrity of the popular 3D modeling software Rhino&grasshopper. Additionally, our AI architecture model generation plugin provides users with fast and simple modeling tools integrated into current production workflows, enabling easy and efficient creation of architectural spatial scenes.

We are committed to providing comprehensive technology and services for digital cities and building digital twins. We continuously develop and improve intelligent model databases, offer licensing opportunities, and collaborate with architecture firms, design companies, and relevant technology companies to advance the development of digital cities and building digital twin technologies. Our goal is to provide the industry with high-quality, efficient, and convenient creative and design tools, achieving a more comprehensive and in-depth coverage of digital visual spatial solutions and supporting the future development of intelligent human cities. We always prioritize customer needs and strive to provide excellent service and technical support, ensuring that our customers obtain higher quality and more effective solutions in the era of digitization and visualization in the field of building digital twins.